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AC Rail Line Coalition

Why Improvements to the Atlantic City Rail Line Make Sense for Our Region

Regional Economic Development and Opportunity

Atlantic City Rail Line Coalition

Improved and reliable rail service along the corridor will spur transit-oriented development (TOD) in both the commercial and residential sectors. TOD, by producing short-term construction jobs followed by new permanent jobs and new housing, may bring genuine prosperity and wealth to the corridor. In addition, improved service along the Atlantic City Rail Line enhances regional mobility and connectivity with PATCO and the NJ TRANSIT River Line.

Mission Statement

A coalition of businesses, non-profits, and public advocacy groups focused on the short- and long-term improvement regarding access to and service along the Atlantic City Rail Line. The Coalition’s goal is to promote and unlock the untapped potential of the Atlantic City Rail Line for every community between Atlantic City and Philadelphia by bringing together the private and public sectors. The Coalition believes the Atlantic City Rail Line, with proper investment & stewardship, will foster significant transit-oriented development and true economic development throughout the entire corridor between the two great destination cities.


Implementing reliable rail service between the east coast’s premier gaming and resort destination and the country’s 6th largest city will increase tourism to both destinations. Whether you are looking for a day of museums and history in Philadelphia, the beach or gaming in Atlantic City, the Camden Waterfront or taking advantage of the incredible agritourism opportunities throughout the region, the Atlantic City Rail Line will help enhance the tourism potential for the region.

Multimodal Connectivity

Reliable rail service and increased ridership will lead to additional economic and travel improvements. Improved infrastructure and economic development will lead to increased freight cargo and the associated jobs that come with it. In addition, future expansion to Atlantic City International Airport and to the National Aerospace Research and Technology Park can become a reality.

Environmental Impacts

By improving mass transportation options and connectivity along the corridor and in the region, an enhanced Atlantic City Rail Line will lead to reduced passenger vehicle trips, and with them, a reduction in emissions.




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